Who we are

Religent Global likes to be an open, transparent and reliable partner of choice for global businesses who are in need of India-Centric solutions leveraging the expertise, local setup and market access. We bring our deep experience, knowledge and leverage the surrounding ecosystem that is available in India to solve this ‘last mile’ problem.

The internet and the advancements in technology have broken the barriers which previously hampered global collaboration. Every conceivable idea, solution and innovation exists plenty today. It requires experience and knowledge to execute with superior outcome with highly mitigated risks. The onus is now on individual organizations to identify newer and reliable ways to harness this new variation of global supply chain, market access and manufacturing very efficiently.

We are the ‘sherpas’ in our customer’s journey into India who needs the help of creating that ‘nemawashi’ for them so that it will be a smooth landing and running when the ‘rubber meets the road’.

Religent Global is a new age business looking to be a catalyst in the market, which is driven to help global enterprise go to India and be successful there. We formulate detailed plans of attack, whether it involves validating the India market entry strategy or program manage setting up a Global In-house center in Build-Operate-Transfer mode or running a program management office overseeing feasibility study leading to setting up a manufacturing factory with complete supply chain.

Religent Global has the capability to fulfil all the customized necessities as required by an enterprise. The enterprises, with constant support from trained professionals at Religent Global and the surround ecosystem that we can efficiently leverage, are guaranteed peace of mind in their journey of going global specifically India as a destination. The milestones and deliverables are clearly defined to ensure transparency in the process and contribute to predictable business benefits, which helps the customer enterprises to stay ahead of the curve.

Our Philosophy

  • Working remotely is not a complex procedure to implement. With care and due diligence achieved by established processes, it can easily be achieved in it’s first attempt, every time. Clients need to get some boots on the ground for core business activities.
  • Outsourcing is NOT the answer to counter that necessary move. Control is the core aspect in every global sourcing initiative. Optimization happens through control.
  • Near-shoring (e.g. Eastern Europe) and far-shoring (e.g. like India) are both viable now. The right choice or decision has to be taken based on situations.
  • Knowledge and expertise in global sourcing are the pivotal factors that determine ROI. It further contributes to minimizing risk for the enterprise.

Religent Global Specialization

Religent Global is an end-to-end solutions provider. Flanking various competitors on all sides, Religent Global ensures in being a one-stop execution and advisory partner that enables the client to:

  • Achieve enhanced processes efficiency.
  • Leverage opportunities for market expansion.
  • Benefit from the seamless service of remote working.
  • Access a vast, globally distributed smart talent pool.
  • Harness the advantage of cost arbitrage to the maximum.
  • Elevate the offshore entities to the Best-in-Class centres.
  • Traverse through the efficient and optimized path for business globalization.
  • Improve the time-to-market launch / availability on a global scale.
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We Are Different

  • Inspired by Passion

    Religent Global promises service quality and deliverability which can help it secure key market position of being the go-to partner of enterprises looking to go global.

  • Driven by Success

    Religent Global is head-quartered in Bangalore, the silicon valley of India. With a global footprint of client facing consultants in the United States of America, Europe, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Middle East and India – the Religent Global team bring the best plethora of talent from various spheres onto the table.

  • Powered by Experience

    The platoon of experts represent a unique blend of multi-functional experts who boast a successful track record in delivering value and satisfaction which converts to high business benefits for the clients.