How We Do It

The Process

Religent’s services span the complete spectrum of activities in the context of global resourcing. The Religent team brings vast experience in handling multi-location global outsourcing engagements, meticulous execution and have the foresight to anticipate typical issues that an organization is likely to encounter.

Religent adopts an unbiased and holistic approach while setting up global sourcing locations, starting from recruitment, infrastructure, advisory, project management, and right through to transition management when the global resourcing centre is handed over to the customer as part of the BOT model.

Religent assesses each customer’s need on the basis of their current stage in the global resourcing initiative, and uses a robust methodology to provide a tailored, Build-Operate-Transfer solution.

Business Outcomes

Global resourcing initiatives have evolved over time. While cost savings have been the thrust factor in the earlier era of ‘outsourcing’, the trend is now towards outcome based global resourcing. Thanks to this paradigm shift, global resourcing initiatives are governed more by measurable business outcomes, than by costs savings in delivering desired outputs.

Business outcomes vary by organization. Religent approaches the identification and definition of business outcomes at the very beginning of any engagement, so as to ensure that these outcomes are factored into the overall global resourcing strategy.

Religent focuses on the following aspects while engaging with any customer in any global resourcing initiative:

  • Baseline business parameters
  • Metrics to measure business outcomes
  • Clear statement of accountabilities
  • Identification and control of external factors influencing business outcomes
  • Best practices in Program Management, governance and operational due diligence
  • Risk mitigation

Engagement Models

Religent offers outcome based global resourcing services through a set of engagement models that progressively deliver high value to customers. At the lower end of the spectrum is the traditional outsourcing model, where the focus is on transactional efficiency, and at the high end of the value chain is the GIC, where the focus is on value delivery.