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Globalization has today become the norm rather than an exception for businesses of all sizes. It helps businesses cut down costs; leverage vast talent pools spread across the globe, and establish themselves as an agile entity that is receptive to customer needs. However, globalization also has its challenges. Many a times, businesses establish captive centres at offshore locations too soon, only to realize that they are not deriving the projected benefits of such a centre. Certain times, cross cultural factors play a subtle role in business outcomes.

Religent helps its customers identify these factors that are important to their globalization plans, and works with them to roll out their plans effectively. Depending on where the customers are, in their globalization initiatives, Religent works with them to turn their efforts into more fruitful endeavours.

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Global Extended Teams

Religent offers the Global Extended Team (GET) program for businesses that are keen to explore the benefits of offshoring. Religent helps its customers set up a ‘virtual, remote in-house team’, as an extension of the client team at an offshore or near-shore location. The team set up is exclusive for the customer and the customer has absolute control on them. The pricing for a GET engagement is based on the market renumeration of the skills required, and a fixed administrative / infrastructure component.

GET Benefits
  • Low cost
  • Access to scarce skills
  • Full control of team composition and what it does
  • IP and core business protection
  • Flexible and Scalable
GET is ideal in the following scenarios:
  • When an understanding of the nuances of off-shoring are required for a customer that is global resourcing for the first time
  • Customer is looking for a proof of concept for global resourcing as a precursor to taking the next step of setting up a Global In-house Centre

Depending upon the strategy, the GET engagement can continue as long as the customer wants or can enter into a Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) agreement, where the teams are sourced and ramped up by Religent’s Competency Manager at the ‘build’ stage. At maturation, the team will be transferred to customer’s location and payroll.

Global In-house Centres

Global In-house Centres represent the next higher level of comprehensiveness in the off-shoring business model. GICs function as larger offshore / near-shore teams comprising of resources who are direct employees, while infrastructure and facilities are either owned by the customer or leased / managed by Religent.

GIC Benefits
  • Lowest cost
  • Access to scarce skills
  • Full control of team composition and what it does
  • IP and core business protection
  • Divest-able entity

GICs are ideal for customers who have tasted the benefits of off-shoring, potentially by establishing a GET through Religent.

GICs are characterized by:
  • Use of specific in-house processes with adaptations for multiple regional variations
  • Creation of a potentially divestible asset as a long term strategic option

Both GET and GIC are made possible by Religent’s ‘Business in a Box’ philosophy, which comprises of a set of tools and best practices relevant to off-shoring scenarios.

Innovation Centre

Religent has the necessary global expertise and reach to extend robust product development and roll out support to customers through the concept of Innovation and Reverse Innovation Centres. More often than not, a brilliant idea will find success in the marketplace based on several factors that go beyond the idea itself. Through its Innovation Centres, Religent offers complete product development, customisation / re-engineering for local and international markets, roll-out and support services, so as to help customers convert their ideas into successful products in the marketplace. Religent Innovation Centres are self-contained organizational units that are designed to handle every aspect of taking an idea to the market, as in:

Product Development Environment

Religent provides a robust, plug and play environment with all necessary infrastructure to jump start all product development activities. Access to this environment can be worked out at discounted or deferred pricing.

Resource Management Services

Religent has the flexibility of bringing on board smart teams for product development through their direct industry connects, or hiring based on client requirements.

Product Development Strategy & Thought Leadership

Customers can leverage Religent’s global outlook to evolve a product development strategy that is in sync with local / regional requirements as it is launched in multiple markets

Go-to-Market Support

With its global outlook, Religent works closely with customers to evolve a robust, go to market strategy which takes products to the end customer. This includes identifying target segments, sales operations support, licensing and other related aspects.

Advisory Services

For those customers who already have a strategic vision on global resourcing, Religent brings all the expertise to advise them on every aspect of global resourcing with actionable insights:

  • Strategic assessment of global resourcing strategy against business priorities
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Global resourcing decision
  • Set-up options: onsite, offshore, near-shore, GET, GIC
  • Program Management Office set-up and Governance
  • Transition Management

Religent’s advisory services help customers take the well measured step towards achieving the benefits of global resourcing. Religent differentiates itself with the ‘execution experience’ and hence undertakes advisory followed by execution with committed outcomes.

Performance Management

An important aspect of any global resourcing initiative is to ensure that the global resourcing centres perform at desired levels. Many a time, organizations focus too much on labour arbitrage, while missing the big picture aspects such as scale, service level agreements, and other such factors that impact business outcomes.

Where an organization has already started on its global resourcing journey, but is faced with performance issues, Religent steps in with a Performance Assessment Study spread over a 2 to 3 week period, the outcome of which will be a detailed performance management plan.

Performance Management support from Religent includes Performance Intervention, and/or Acceleration, which depends on the outcome of the gap analysis carried out by Religent during the study phase.