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INTELLEE: Innovation Ecosystem Intelligence

Intellee is a purpose-built Intelligence Solution that helps you model your Innovation ecosystem, enrich it with relevant Innovation Signals and analyze/visualize to identify blind-spots, early warning signals of evolving threats and model shifts. It leverages a combination of technologies (AI) and human curation to deliver insights on a near-real-time basis

Solution Functionality

Dynamic Ecosystem Modeling

Define & model your ecosystem of players, relationships,  roles, capabilities, technologies, use cases and update them dynamically

Innovation Signal Enrichment

Extract innovation signals from multiple sources and enrich them with relevant information and establish relationships for analysis

SWOT Explorer

Visualize the ecosystem players and their capabilities to recognize patterns or opportunities and threats on a dynamic basis

Blind Spot Recognition

Search & Recommendation algorithms support you in identifying blindspots in your ecosystem and track them dynamically

Tech & Model Shifts

Custom-defined pattern detection of evolving shifts & threats in your ecosystem, to be delivered as early warning signals and alerts

Visualization Charts

Use pre-configured visualization tools to gain deeper insights into the innovation signal repository for your business ecosystem

Application Areas

With Intellee, one can monitor relevant innovation signals that represents innovation across multiple dimensions of the ecosystem, individually or a combination thereof.

Competition | Partners | Technologies | Use-Cases | Industries | Geographies

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Industry Segments
Use Cases
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